Cross-platform Silverlight out of Browser Facebook client

by Parvez 6. December 2010 14:46

Few months back in April 2009, Microsoft had released a pure Silverlight Facebook application called Silverface. Microsoft has announced that Telerik is taking over the development and maintenance of that free application which has been renamed “Telerick f!acedeck”, it is powered by Silverlight 4.

You can experience this out of browser Silverlight application by going on this link

As shown in the image below, you will see the install button, click on it.

f!acedeck Install
Image1: Install

You will now see screen showing the loading status as shown in the image below.

telerick f!acedeck loading screen
Image2: Loading…

Once you click on  the License Agreement button, it will ask you to login. Provide the login details. Facebook will ask for the permission to access this application. Once you grant the permission, you can experience the Facebook in Silverlight. How cool!!!


Image3:Telerik Facedeck application.

Image3 courtesy: Telerik 


You should definitely try out this application.

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